Super Glinx

Manufacturer: Gamehouse

Gamehouse presents yet another addictive challenge. In this unique and addictive puzzler, the name of the game is to link like shapes together to remove them from the board. You'll need strategy, cunning and well, a few powerups won't hurt either! Be sure to create some large chains for big bonus points, and use the powerups wisely. Hours of fun!


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Super Slyder

Super Slyder

Our lovable blue hero is back with an all-new addictive adventure containing level-altering new items and 9 hilariously animated characters!

Super Collapse II

Super Collapse II

Brings three thrilling new versions to take you to even greater heights of fun and excitement!

Santa's Super Friends


Mr. Stink stole all the toys, right before Christmas! Santa's Super Friends need your help to make enough toys to save the magical holiday!

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